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Model behaviour – the benefits of an outsourced in-play service

Sporting Index Trading Director Simon Trim explains…

An outsourced in-play service provides clear benefits for sportsbooks.

Their speed of products to the market and internal costs are reduced. Turnover and margins are improved. Breadth and depth of their coverage is expanded. Specialist sports that are difficult to model (Cricket and American Football for example) are immediately supplied. Operational headaches are removed – our full range of US sports coverage is available 24/7, every day of the year.

Outsourcing can be the fast track to in-play success. Some betting companies do in-play very well for themselves. However, for a feature that is already such a key part of a sportsbook’s success and will be ever more so going forward, it is not something to be dabbled in. Outsourcing all or part of an in-play service due to the benefits it can provide is here for the long term.