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Warren Murphy, Sporting Index CEO, on the year ahead for in-play betting

Away from regulation, in-play betting continues to be the driving force of the betting industry. The World Cup showed just how vital it is to sportsbooks. However in-play betting is not easy or cheap to do well. It requires detailed data sets; sophisticated algorithms; robust models; data feeds and/or access to pictures; knowledgeable traders and the ability to present content in a highly useable way.

There is an insatiable appetite for 24/7 in-play coverage. Most operators will look to buy in some or all of their in-play service. This is no wild theory; my own company sought to leverage its own unique in-play skills a few years ago and set up “Sporting Solutions” to provide pricing services to the betting industry. We now supply over 20 sports in-play to a significant number of leading bookmakers. What we have spent 18 years refining can now be supplied in the blink of an eye. The outsourcing of services will become increasingly important for a previously self serving industry. Still don’t believe me? Look at gaming verticals or financial services; it’s all provided by specialist suppliers.