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A career in modelling

Sporting Index Trading Director, Simon Trim, explains what it takes to supply an outsourced in-play betting service…

Sporting Index has been the home of in-play betting for nearly twenty years.  Trading markets during the course of an event is the DNA of our business.  We supply a two-way spread on hundreds of markets in-play, commanding a greater market share than ever before.  The launch of our B2B pricing operation, Sporting Solutions, in 2007 has allowed us to leverage our in-play skills to the wider industry. Offering thousands of prices in-play with the level accuracy we require is a result of rare skill, acquired knowledge and highly developed technology.

Whereas the trend in the industry towards “average pricing” – largely the re-constituted offering of rival companies’ prices – exists elsewhere, we continue to invest in proprietary technology and trader excellence. If the market can be dictated by the herd behaviour of crowds then it cannot be rational. Copying prices generated in-play by the market carries a sub-optimal margin and isn’t the cash cow others perceive it to be. Our ethos is based on understanding the market and feeling its pulse, rather than monitoring the prevailing odds and taking the market’s temperature.