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In-play’s ‘seismic’ impact

Sporting Solutions has joined forces with GamblingData, the leading provider of intelligence to the global gaming industry, to produce the first ever in-play sports betting report. The report, which is being unveiled at the 10th annual European iGaming conference this week, was set up with the aim of trying to identify the trends within the newest sphere of sports betting, looking initially at a sample of five leading bookmakers.

In-play betting, the live betting during the course of an event, is widely recognised as the fastest growing segment of the online gaming industry. Until now it has been very hard to quantify who is leading the field in this important area, but ‘seismic’ is the word that keeps cropping up when leading industry figures talks about the impact of in-play betting on the nature of the business in 2011.

Download your complimentary copy of the report here.