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The power behind the price

Simon Trim, the new Managing Director of Sporting Solutions, explains how automation is the key to in-play betting and why his firm can genuinely be called “The Power Behind The Price”.

Alongside mobile, in-play betting is the fastest-growing area of online gaming. It is a trend we predicted when Sporting Index launched Sporting Solutions as a wholesale business-to-business supplier of pricing and trading services five years ago.

Our unique combination of trading expertise and a top-class technology proposition means that today Sporting Solutions offers an unrivalled outsource proposition for partners looking to automate all elements of their trading functionality.

Given the pace of change within the industry, and the challenges that lie ahead, it is essential to have scalable and flexible systems. Technology is therefore at the forefront of everything we do and is an area in which we have invested heavily over the past few years.

Our systems have been developed to provide low latency, high volume, real-time data transmissions to multiple destinations. They are ultra-reliable, backed up by strict SLAs and easy to integrate via our API and our in-house integrations team.

Moreover, our new product range, due for release in the first quarter of 2012, will fundamentally shift the incumbent technology frontiers of the betting industry. These products have been designed to slash the cost associated with running a traditional sportsbook and allow the revenue generated to drop straight through to partners’ bottom-line profit.

Finally, you can’t be “The Power Behind the Price” if you don’t understand the market itself. Whereas other pricing providers position themselves according to prevailing odds and take the temperature of the market, the Sporting Index Group has its own trading team and feels the market’s pulse.

We seek to understand the betting industry as a complex global financial system and make pricing decisions for our partners based on underlying liquidity rather than following price changes blindly. It is a strategy that is ensuring our partners deliver an innovative, sustainable and profitable sportsbook proposition.

The full article can be read in the December issue of eGaming Review.