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How technology is shaping the landscape of the betting industry

Sporting Solutions‘ Strategy Development Director, Ewan Silver, was interviewed byiGaming Business to give his views on how technology is shaping the landscape of the industry both now and into 2013.

“We believe that there are three fundamental and interrelated trends that will have a seismic impact on the betting and gaming industry, just as they are doing with many other digital industries. These trends are the shift to the cloud, the impact of machine learning and the “big data” phenomenon.

Much has be written about how cloud computing – the use of hardware and software delivered as a service over the internet – is transforming information technology, increasing productivity and delivering cost efficiencies. The Sporting Solutions’ Global Trading Platform was the first large scale sports betting software to be cloud based.

Machine learning and the inescapable elevation of the algorithm in driving decisions, is creeping ever further into multiple facets of business. At Sporting Solutions our proprietary algorithmic models provide the tools for expert traders to deliver highly accurate pre-match and in-play prices.

However it is the huge proliferation in both data and processing techniques (hence “big data”) that is the new battleground in the technological arms race.

Powerful low cost devices are now in the hands of billions of people worldwide. The digitisation of interactions between these individuals, organisations and machines creates vast volumes of data. The power of the cloud enables both the low-cost storage of this data on a scale previously unavailable and the processing of it via a new generation of tools and technologies.”

The full article can be read in the November/December issue of iGaming Business.