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What are cookies and why do you use them?

Cookies are small text files which a website may put on your computer or mobile device.

Sporting Solutions use cookies to make our website easier for you to use.  For example, we use cookies to help our website remember information you input into certain forms.  Not using cookies would mean you’d have to repeatedly input that information.

On this page you can find out about the cookies we use on our website.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

In essence, strictly necessary cookies are absolutely fundamental in enabling us to provide our service. Strictly necessary cookies control website functions such as logging you into the site or remembering preferences. They do not gather any information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you’ve been on the internet.

Cookie Name Example Value
.ASPXAUTH 39C4D275E8153913CF6530D4BD7F4A2C8080A84080DE55DB62AE5CEC47B7179F26376FFC2FB502150EA438B022158D8A4F8DF3E2773E198D06DF381C766D66234540DB19EC9B84500E095E24D26CB88B9DE57F4385C8EE4BED6A0AA4DB341356EB7FCC437A47660199B2F2869F45FF9B4F839AD8B66C1912EC318450798BA2DE60E4B2ABF3BFBE2AFBD63FFBCF2F9D9768134266743BDB9034A18DBC9B9EB4500A743FA10060659970749996FB0EBC1C731D404B936F8444A97D150E04A519989447127B7AD99A085743CADE5488D839E4F7647959098646C76827970513A1A1C8485F75
ASP.NET_SessionId ak3gbyfkvs2lu4q3dksyfi0l
UserCache UserManagementRepository={"Relation":"","Href":""}&SystemManagementRepository={"Relation":"","Href":""}
__RequestVerificationToken_L1RyYWRlclRvb2xzVUk1 47zfWEo7zv_deFrLVV5kAQh7i6hzdARDywKUYwL3A83nTney9EDbLYLfc7jStulYDm4nPQExHMZMyuqfr7LSpHa-YMLAMUbdhlFw_DS8ATvlBwhUROMn5yHDqxL9DGeee5FNQA2

Performance/Functional Cookies

Performance/functional cookies collect information about how you use our website. For example, they allow us to see which pages you visit, and where you experience any errors. These cookies don’t collect any information that could identify you. All of the information collected is anonymous and is only used to help us improve how our product works.

Cookie Name Example Value
__utmv 107239517.|2=SPIN%20Member=SPIN%20Member=1
__utmv 107239517.1333365012.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)
__utmc 107239517
__utmb 107239517.1.10.1333365012
__utma 107239517.1067227896.1333365012.1333365012.