Modular sports betting solutions for pricing, risk management, analytics and tooling.

Quantitative Trading Services

Encompassing pricing, risk management, analytics, and tooling designed to deliver a superior player experience, improve sportsbook trading and operations and optimise returns.

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Superior pre-match and in-play pricing

Sporting Solutions’ prices are generated from best-of-breed algorithms, developed from over 28 years of in-play trading. Overseen by an expert trading team, we deliver superior pricing across the widest range of pre-match and in-play sports.


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Unparalleled customer service

Partners receive an ongoing level of support that is recognised as industry leading. From a specialist integration team to a 24/7 Help Desk and a dedicated account manager, our approach is consultative and collaborative, designed to optimise your performance.


A global partner to lottery and tier 1 operators

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For the duration of our decade-long relationship, Sporting Solutions have played a big part in Sky Bet providing our customers with a betting product they can trust and be excited by. We have partnered with Sporting Solutions on numerous sports over the years and their willingness to work together has stood us in good stead.
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